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Greetings, and welcome, I would like to take you on an unforgettable journey
into to the Visionary Art World of
"Moonfeather Designs"
by Michael Leas © 2009

What you are about to explore is a timeless spaceless world of art.
For years I have felt the creativity of the universe through the
movement of the stars, the sun, the earth, the moon, nature and
the magical wonder of our human spirit.
It is my hope that you can see and sense this power of inspiration
as it was felt by myself as I was able to serve as the "Artist"
for these works to become real in this world.

I am a firm believer in LOVE and the power of positive thinking.
I try to relate this vision as I connect to the beauty and wonder of nature
through my artwork. By being a positive thinker and living a creative constructive life
I find a great sense of satisfaction when I can share my expression of art.
My artwork represents what I am learning about the "Laws of Energy"
or the principles of "Cause and Effect". Art has been my tool
to learn that inner creativity can be found by anyone
who so pursues a life destiny.

In the history of our planet, which has been proven over and over again
we create our destiny..........

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All works of art seen upon this web are available for purchase.

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Contact: Michael Leas at Moonfeather Designs