Angels have always been real to me. Since the time of childhood
I have known that we are guided and protected by unseen forces. In my studies I have come to understand and know that we experience a connection to this force of life through Love. Angels are developed souls, people, beings who are mastering this loving nature of life. They have become creative in their use of energy and the laws of cause and effect. In using this life stream of energy in a positive way we also develop our life to become Angel, Angelic.

"Sleepy Little Angel" © 2002





Sometimes we consider a Angel a mysterious or unknowable force when in all actuality you or I can be a messenger of this positive expression. In helping and providing a service to our fellow man we become a channel for truth and Love. There have been times in my life when I was down and out and a complete stranger said the right thing at the right time to help me change my way of being. Angels seem to carry a greater positive expression at the moment of stress to help those in need to overcome the turmoil they are facing.
How about you ? How many times have you been touched not ever acknowledging the presence of that greater expression of life. Even still have you tried to carry that greater expression of love to those in need without fanfare or recognition, to just be of service to our fellow man?

"An Angel Vision" 2002©





As we grow older we seem to lose that childhood wonder of life.
We get caught up in the moment of trying to be the best, having the most success, living the fancy life and not really give enough of our thoughts to the real importance. Finding out who and what we are can be the greatest treasure we will ever have. When we can become like a child in our inquisitiveness to know of things around and inside of us, we can be a true success in our new world of love, emerging into a world of beauty unblemished by our past dissapointments.





"Emergence" 2002©





"The light in one's eye shows the "Crystal of one's Heart"

within the golden Chalice of the Soul."

Let it Shine.



"Crystal Twins"2002©


 Angels have been known
throughout our history giving
us a glimpse into realms
of beauty.They reflect the Divine.
Look into an Angels eyes and
what do you see........ Infinity.


 "Angels are Real"

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