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  Greeting Cards $2.25 each or
5 for $10.00 tax, shipping & handling inc.
See Gallery Section for Larger View

Greeting Card Name & Code# for ordering

  • Island Sky ­ Ml3
  • Star Traveler ­ XR8-2
  • Flight of the Oracle ­ ML5
  • Temple of Light ­ML1
  • Star of Isis ­ML4
  • To Spread My Wings ­ XR8-3
  • An Angels Touch ­ ML2
  • The Guardian ­ XR8-1
  • Nature's Angel ­ XR8-4

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*Wine of our Times

(Wine Bottle Sleeve
hand painted signed by artist)
Specify Merlot or Chardony style bottle.$65.00 ea.
*Wholesale pricing upon request.

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*Custom Art Painting (Priced per job quote)
*Contact Michael at Moonfeather Designs

 " Journey to the Future and Back"
My True Life Visionary Art story free upon request
by Michael Leas
send self addressed stamped envelope
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